Our official Canada retail website WAS www.MeLuna.Ca but MeLuna Cups are not allowed to be sold in Canada at this time. We will not ship any MeLuna Cups to Canadian addresses, no exceptions. Health Canada considers Menstrual cups medical devices, and it is a separate process from the FDA. We do not have any information about possible dates, but be assured, when we get any information, we will post it here. We are not the manufacturer of the MeLuna Cups, we are official retailers, so if you are interested in seeing MeLuna cups sold in Canada, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let them know you want them to get Health Canada approval. In the meantime, you can order any of our other products in Canada, including Momiji cloth pads etc. Sorry I have to share the bad news!

When we do get approval, we plan to reopen our webstore at the and let all of our facebook fans know, so please join our page if you are waiting.


If you are in the USA, (or have a US address) and would like to purchase your cup from us, please note that the FDA has recently approved the Clear cups in multiple styles and sizes, but the colored cups may not be available for a long time due to each cup color/style/size needing separate testing and approval. We do have all of the currently available styles here at as well as many other products and accessories.


If you are in another country, you can purchase any of the colored cups in various styles as well as many other items and accessories at . UK residents will be required to pay appropriate VAT/TAX.